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Let's get excited about the upcoming tournaments! Our tournaments are a fantastic opportunity for ALL local and travel teams to showcase their skills and hard work as a team and elevate themselves to the top level. Premier Tournament Group works extremely hard to put organizations on different platforms, so preparation and day of operation are essential to us. Our Staff unleash their potential and put out their best performance to host and cater to everyone who experiences our events. We believe every challenge brings an opportunity to grow and improve. Let's keep a positive attitude, support each other, and give it our all! When we host events, we carry your organization's and the community's pride. So, let's bring the passion, the energy, and the hunger to compete! Together, we all can achieve greatness. Let's go! We hope to see your team/teams compete at our next event!

– Premier Tournament Group (PTG)

"Players Play CHAMPIONs compete"

MARCH 30th & 31st
MAY 25th & 26th
JUNE 28th 29th & 30th
AUGUST 17th & 18th
JUNE 30th
JUNE 30th
JUNE 30th
April 20th & 21st
APRIL 20th & 21st
JUNE 1st & 2nd
JULY 6th & 7th
APRIL 27th & 28th
JUNE 8th & 9th
AUGUST 10th & 11th
Premier Tournament Group offerst the following divisions:
  • Div I (A) – Elite Teams 
  • Div II (B) – Competitive Teams
  • Div III (C) – Developing Competitive Play, School, or Recreation

All roster protests must be filed in writing, accompanied by a $100.00 protest fee (refundable if the protest is valid) determined by the Tournament Director (only) within one (1) hour of the conclusion of the protested game. If the protest is valid, the opposing team forfeits all previous games. Upon protest, teams must provide proof of eligibility. (See roster rules for acceptable proof of age and Grade).

  • All roster protests must be filed in writing within one (1) hour of the contest’s conclusion and must be accompanied by a $100.00 protest fee (refundable if a protest is upheld). Official-based calls are not grounds for a protest.
  • Tournament Directors’ rulings on protests are final. 
Coaches Check-in:
  • Coaches must check-in 30 minutes prior to the start of their first game
  • Government Issued ID is required to obtain Coaching Band
  • Coaches first and last name MUST BE listed on team registration 
  • Dress code in effect. Please dress accordingly. NO TANK TOP, NO FLIP FLOPS, NO CROCS, NO RIPPED, or TORN jeans/ shorts


Game Rules:
  • Clock Stops on Free-Throws, Fouls or Stoppage of play
  • 16 mins per half (7th – 12th Grade)
  • 14 mins per half (3rd & 6th Grade)
  • 2 Min halftime
  • One full and one 30 sec time out per half
  • 1st overtime consists of 1 min, each team having one full timeout. 
  • 2nd overtime, SUDDEN DEATH (first team to score a field goal)
  • Free throws are “ON THE RELEASE”
  • Each player has 5 fouls before disqualification
  • DOUBLE BONUS on 10th foul (no one in one on 7th foul)
  • Only 1 coach can stand during game
Mercy Rule:

Once a team leads by 20 points anytime in a game, the clock will continue to run. The only time the clock will stop is for injuries or timeouts. If the lead falls below 15 points, the clock will stop for all Official-based whistles or stoppages.

*****Regardless of a player talent level, players are NOT allowed to play down in grade nor age. If a player is found ineligible, that game will be deemed a forfeit!

"Are you ready to COMPETE LIKE A CHAMPION?"

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